Article Excerpt: The Hiring Influence

Let's look closely at your customer: the hiring influence. Most hiring managers have a department made up of subordinates. Suppose the hiring influence has five direct subordinates with one of the positions currently open. What information does the hiring influence require from a candidates's resume to make an informed hiring decision? When you strip the decision-making process down to its core, the hiring influence needs the answers to only two questions!

Only Two Questions

First, is the answer to the technical question: can the candidate to do the job? (Selfishly, he/she asks can this candidate take the monkeys or problems off my back?)

And second, if I consider hiring you, will you fit with the team I already have in place? In other words, is there good chemistry? Do I like you? Do I trust you? These two questions make up the total hiring decision. On a percentage base, the hiring decision is 20% technical ability and 80% personality/fit/chemistry.

What's In It for Me?

The reason the decision is so lopsided, is because of the motivation of the hiring influence. He/she simply asks: "What's in it for me?" (WIIFM). What do I get out of the hiring decision? Can the candidate make me money? Save me money? Make me look good? Help me get a raise, promotion or bigger bonus? Can you feed my wallet or bank account?

Some final thoughts regarding the hiring influence. The amount of time you have to answer WIIFM, "your window of opportunity", is only 10 seconds. Now take a minute to review your resume. Do you provide the hiring influence with the answers to these two critical hiring questions?