Article Excerpt: How Important Is Your Resume?

When you leave the interview what does the interviewer remember? What is remembered after one day? Three days? What will they base their decision on to bring you back for other interviews? Since impressions don't last long, especially if they interview other candidates after you, the only thing left is your resume.

Therefore, the resume and the process you use to create it, is the SINGLE MOST CRITICAL ELEMENT in a timely and successful job search.

The Importance of Self Assessment

Taking a bad resume and bringing it up to date only creates a bad, up-to-date resume. Without extensive self-assessment, what marketing people call "product knowledge", many candidates will get the interview but fail to close the sale. Let me illustrate. While giving a presentation to the New Jersey Chapter of FEI, I opened my presentation by asking the group two questions: (1) Do you honestly feel that if you can get the interview with the hiring executive that you would be able to close the sale and get the job offer? Everyone raised their hand in agreement. And (2) by a second show of hands, I asked how many were getting interviews but not getting job offers? Again, everyone raised their hands. Is there something wrong with this picture?

Closing the Sale

Of course there is. It is not a question of getting the interview, it is a question of closing the sale. Since an interview is nothing more than a sales call, most executives will not get the job offer if they don't know the product they're selling.

In counseling executives at all levels for the past 18 years, I've found that everyone comes to the counseling process with two basic problems: they don't know the product they're selling, and they don't know what they want to do with the rest of their career.