Article Excerpt: Think Like Your Interviewer

Recently terminated employees suffer from many handicaps. From counseling managers, professionals and executives, I have noticed a few major problems that must be corrected. These include:
  1. a lack of focus - not knowing and being able to define themselves as a product
  2. not having a clear picture regarding what they want to do next.

The purpose of this article is to sharpen your focus, get you to think like your customer, and maximize the number of interviews you get.

Many people have direct or in-direct experience hiring subordinates. Yet, when they're out of work they forget their experience with the hiring process. It is as if they went through an imaginary green cloud and now suffer from temporary amnesia. Let me explain.

Perception of Reality

In the real world of work, it is not reality that counts, rather it is the PERCEPTION OF REALITY. You don't have to be the best candidate for a job, but you must be perceived as the best. You can strengthen your self-image and manage how people perceive you. From this principle, flow three rules of the job search.

  • First, it is not what you want to sell that counts, rather it is what the customer wants to buy. Implication? Leave the objective off your resume.
  • Second, think like your customer and know what motivates them.
  • And third, make it easy for your customer to buy.