Benefits - How We Can Help You

Career Marketing's personalized Executive Resume Preparation & Counseling Service prepares you for a successful job search. We focus on:

  • Building confidence

    Career Marketing Consultants will give you a better understanding of the product you're selling (you!). We will also help you to become competitive and overcome prejudices in the job market, for example, extended unemployment, lack of industry experience or a college degree.
  • Defining the direction of your job search

    Career Marketing will help you ensure future success by basing your job search on patterns of work experience, personality, and the needs of companies you approach, so you can find the "right job" for you.
  • Creating a world class, world-beater resume

    We will teach you the P-A-R methodology which we use to build a resume and cover letters that will get the attention of executive recruiters, employment agencies, HR departments and hiring executives.
  • Improving skills associated with the job search

    You will gain insight into the mechanics of the job search, the hidden job market (65-75% of all open positions), interviewing techniques, salary negotiation skills and how to evaluate a job offer.