Career Marketing counseling is built upon P-A-R methodology

  • P - Problem
  • A - Action
  • R - Result

A Business Approach

P-A-R methodology utilizes a business approach to resume writing. It is a simple yet most effective way of communicating your value to a current or future employer that results in more interviews and better job offers. Our alternative approach to career counseling also builds personality, management and negotiation style, interpersonal skills and a personal mission statement into the resume and job search, via this storytelling methodology.

P-A-R capitalizes on the simple concept of building on the resume reader's interests (in this case, the hiring executive) by telling him / her a story about it.

Telling a Story

Every good story has a beginning (problem), a middle (action), and an end (result). That is, it establishes a situation (problem/need), introduces a complication (action), and offers a resolution (result).  

Readers of the resume (hiring executives) will be interested in the problem solved if it matches a similar problem that they are facing.  In other words, they are problem oriented.  The first questions they ask when they look at a resume: "Can this individual get the monkeys off my back?" and "What's in it for me?" (W.I.I.F.M.) on the one hand and "will you fit with my management team" on the other hand. Does your current resume answer these critical questions?

Address the Needs of a Potential Employer

Candidates and resumes that directly address the reader's self-interest are maximizing the transferability of their background and experience to a new employer.

Conversely, people who take a technical approach in their resume and the interview believe that if they just show how smart they are, companies will hire them;  Linking the features to the benefits and the benefits to the business problem is left to the buyer (interviewer).  But often the benefits of high-ticket solutions aren't easily discernible to the interviewing organization.  If a candidate doesn't help make the links to the interviewer's business problems, then his or her competitor might--and they'll be outsold.

P-A-R focuses on the needs of the interviewer and their organization.  Moreover, job candidates who use P-A-R methodology speak the customers' language about their issues because they act smarter than competitors by "out listening" them.