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We help you find the job you want. Faster.

With our experience and expertise in career counseling, we will help you determine what isn't working with your job search ... and help you to refocus. We will work with you to:

  1. Change the way you think about yourself.
  2. Change the way you think about and approach your customer (your next employer).
  3. Sell yourself on paper and in the interview.

The result: more interviews...more job offers...better job a shorter period of time.

The services of Career Marketing Consultants are tailored to your individual needs, whether you are a line worker, supervisor, manager, professional or senior executive.



Customer Review


5 Star Review A Must Have for a Job Search, December 8, 2015
By James L. Hockenberry, Chair-Princeton, NJ FENG

This review is from: Shorten Your Job Search: Build Confidence, Communicate Your Value and
Land Your New Job! (Paperback)

Lloyd Feinstein’s “Shorten Your Job Search” is a must read for anyone seeking employment. Mr. Feinstein has spent almost 30 years guiding his clients through the pitfalls of job searches. His aim is to reduce the time it takes for one to find a job. Arguably, the costly part of a job search is the lost income someone suffers by not working. “Shorten Your Job Search” helps. It provides a fresh look at the job market, emphasizing what Mr. Feinstein calls a “marketing resume” that revamps the resume approach by including important attributes of a candidate that are often neglected in traditional resumes: personality, management style, work history in a PAR (problem-action-result format), and more.

The book is tightly organized into 9 distinct chapters that guide the reader through self-assessment, to building a “marketing resume,” to the hiring process while adding key lessons such how to enhance your “pitch” with storytelling. The book is full of insightful war stories, which drive home his points; practical hands-on tips such as how to reach the person you need to reach and ways to improve your negotiations; and lessons for conveying your value in terms the hiring manager can understand.

Following Mr. Feinstein’s guidelines will improve your confidence, your understanding of the job market, and most important of all reduce the time it takes to find a new job. I highly recommend this book.

** How to obtain my book:

"SHORTEN YOUR JOB SEARCH: Build Confidence, Communicate Your Value and Quickly Land Your New Job" by Lloyd Feinstein            price: $25.00


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