We provide our clients with 10 - 12 hours of one-to one counseling in:

  • resume preparation
  • employment options counseling
  • job search targeting
  • targeted cover letters
  • a two minute pitch that can sell your skills to a potential employer
  • interviewing strategies and skills
  • follow-up counseling

Job Search Package

You will leave with a prepared professional resume, cover letters targeted to ads, agencies, and potential employers, a personalized two minute drill, and networking letters.

In addition to individual counseling, you will also receive a package of job search materials, including articles covering topics including how to communicate your value, using the P-A-R methodology, overcoming age bias, being overqualified, breaking out or your industry and networking.

Career Marketing Consultants offers personal counseling as well as counseling by teleconferencing for those who do not live in the immediate area.